Miranda Sylvi


  • From a young age Miranda Sylvi was painstakingly groomed to be the next Sylvi.

    She was hyper-focused on her duty and rarely switched off from her role as the Sylvi Knight. She was known to be cold, blunt, and oftentimes without emotion; though she was wholly oblivious to said traits. Her tenure as the Sylvi would not be as joyful of exciting as her predecessors. She eventually married into the wealthy Camaron family of clock makers hoping for a sense of normalcy away from Knighthood and to start a family hoping to replace the one she had lost. Miranda had two daughters, Amanda and Erica. After the death of her mother Mina and a falling out with her younger sister Josephine, Miranda would find herself in emotional turmoil only masked by her dedication to duty. In a reversal from her own upbringing, Amanda would unintentionally receive the brunt of Miranda’s frustrations as she prepared her for life as the Sylvi. She did not want her daughters to become knights as it had brought her nothing but pain and suffering. Although she had no choice with Amanda, Erica would not be trained as a knight. It was because of this that Erica would experience a much softer side of Miranda.

    Voiced by Rachael Messer