Angellica Sylvi


  • Ignoring the norms of her generation and the Twist Isles, Angelica Sylivi enlisted to aid in the war between Thalgale and the new followers of Corian. Wielding her sword, the Enxiphas, she was instrumental in keeping the invaders at bay with her secret mastery of the Rule of Three. Through her efforts, communication and trade between thalgale and the reclusive Twist Islands became a reality.

    Most people believe she took the name Sylvi when she was knighted to distinguish herself. It seemed prideful and arrogant, but she proved herself as a powerful and skilled knight, showing wisdom on and off the battlefield. Thus the Title “Sylvi” was bestowed upon Angelica and would be inherited by her female descendants. As the son is heir to his father, Angelica Sylvi chose to make her oldest daughter heir to her legacy. She passed down the Sylvi name and the Enxiphas.