Mina Sylvi


  • Much more adventurous than her mother Arina, Mina Sylvi embraced the life of the Sylvi wholeheartedly. Mina expanded the role of the Sylvi and traveled all of Andranth. She was unmatched in skill and served directly under the royal family of the Twist Islands. Known to carry her shield at the insistence of her sometimes over cautious mother, Mina was quick to dramatically discard it when approaching conflict, striking fear into the hearts of her adversaries. This action became well loved folklore on the Twist Islands and Mina took on many lighthearted nick-names like The Shield Maiden and Lady Braggadocious. Mina would have two daughters, Miranda and Josephine. Though she was an excellent knight, Mina would inadvertently favor Miranda when it came to instilling the idea of duty and often harp on Josephine's faults when compared to Miranda.