• Amanda Sylvi was the leader of the most renowned team of Twist Isle knights. Her name evokes tales of valor, but she always longed for a simpler life than the one thrust upon her. Her mother Miranda had began her training at a very young age. Amanda was always adept at any task given to her, yet she found it nearly impossible to win any praise from her mother. Her situation grew dire when in an attempt to prove her readiness she wound up enslaved on a pirate ship. After Miranda was able to rescue her and her fellow cellmate Vanessa Stefny, Amanda became soured on her role as the heir to the Sylvi line and was reluctant to participate alongside her mother. Their already strained relationship would become more distant until Miranda ignored symptoms of a common illness and passed well before her time. After her father began showing signs of dementia, Amanda reluctantly became the Sylvi.

    Knowing that soon Erica would likely rebel and begin training against Miranda’s wishes, Amanda took control and began training her sister in the event that she could no longer be around to protect her. To her surprise, Erica proved to be more advanced in the Rule of Three and Illusions than she could have ever expected.

    Amanda would eventually be sent on a dire mission to retrieve the Winter Rose in an attempt to save the ailing King of Kings. She along with her team ventured to Eastwood where the bulk of her team succumbed to the frozen lands and wildlife. Her team was ambushed by a pack of wolves and Amanda was mortally wounded after being distracted by Erica who had used illusions to conceal herself in order to tag along on the mission.

    While Erica was able to retrieve the Winter Rose, Amanda refused to use its healing powers and instead ordered her sister to take the rose to the king of kings.

    Voiced by Jessica Osborne