The Twist Islands


  • The Twist Islands are the most mysterious and unique of all the realms of Andranth. Home to the famous Twist Islands Knights who train to be at least three steps ahead in any situation and who are also able to create mental illusions to entrap their enemies. The Twist Isles have a strict border policy and do not freely allow visitors from the other realms. Few have ever set foot on the islands and many who have tried end up hopelessly lost or disoriented in their attempt. It is rumored that the islands can move their positions either by natural force or an unknown mechanism. Some go as far as to claim that the islands themselves are one big illusion.

    The island knights are a rare sight in the other realms of Andranth as they much prefer to remain on the islands. Although they maintain a hermit-like society, the islanders do practice trade through their port town municipality on Thalgale. In times of war is where the Twist Isles offer their greatest contributions. Never allying permanently with the other realms, the Twist Islands remain impartial and aid in conflict on a case by case basis. While their participation in war is still a rarity, the Twist Island knights often tip the balance in favor of the side they are on. Most notably was an alliance between Thalgale and Angelica Sylvi during the second rust war, which gained the Twist Islands their permanent municipality on the Thalgale coast.

    The twist Islands is also the home of The Sylvi Line. The Sylvi Line is a dynasty of female knights descendent from Angelica Sylvi. They are the guardians and ambassadors of the Twist Islands and are some of the only Knights to regularly travel away from home.