• The crown of Tanadam is Wrent, the capital built between the sundered mountain. One will notice upon approaching the city that an unnatural valley lies between the peaks of the mountains that were once one. Enshrined in the heart of the valley is a massive bronze sword of ancient design, it takes a grown man a full five minutes to circumvent the blade. The origin of the blade is lost to time. Some contend that the blade is simply an art piece dedicated to the founding of Tanadam, others believe that the blade was wielded by a powerful, early Tanadamian knight and was in fact used to split the mountain in two.

    Wrent is unique among the cities of the land as it is carved out of the rock of the sundered mountain. Most notable are the hanging towers that descend from hewn out cliffs and crags of the mountain. The Tanadam palace being the most intricate of these towers, scenes of the history of the Tanadam are sculpted on both the inner and outer walls. Somewhat less grand (though no less impressive) is the more standard houses carved out of the rock face. Finally, everything in the city is connected by stone bridges spanning the gaps between clusters of buildings. In the winter the city is bitterly cold.

    The Tanadamians use a series of clever mechanisms to draw heat from volcanic vents located under the mountain. In addition, to escape the fierce winds and snow that make the stone bridges dangerous at certain times of the year there are tunnels through each mountain as well as a subterranean tunnel under the valley that connects both mountains. Though the mountains comprise a major portion of the Tanadam lands there are many smaller towns and cities located in the foothills and plains leading up to the mountain.

    It is in these places where most farming and animal breeding occurs (the valley is suitable for some crops and animals, notably goats). Tanadamian horses and ponies are famous for their stamina and general hardiness, The Tanadam, and Galgrus kingdoms share a friendly rivalry over the quality of each kingdoms horses. As for the people of the Tanadam kingdom they tend to be hardy and plainspoken.

    These qualities have misled many an outlander to assume that the people of Tanadam are simple. This could not be farther from the truth. The people have a singular appreciation for art, this extends to music and painting, but the highest reverence is reserved for metalwork and sculpture. Finally, Tanadam exports metals both precious and mundane. Their metalwork is sought out by any with an eye for quality. A Tanadamian blacksmith is welcome anywhere in the Andranth.