Julian Bane


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    Julian Bane
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    The Father
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    Born in Brazil in 1967, Julian Bane arrived in the United States at the age of 11. His love for the arts started at an early age. As a young man, Bane admired leading characters in shows such as Doctor Who and Star Trek. These characters later influenced Bane to become an actor.

    Bane traveled to Los Angeles and over the last decade has dedicated his life to perfecting his craft: acting, writing and directing. His has performed in plays such as The Tempest, Macbeth’s Much Ado About Nothing, Wuthering Heights and leading the cast as The Traveler in Hollywood's first production of H. G Wells’ The Time Machine.

    Along with doing audio characters such as The Doctor in Doctor Who: Legacy, Brahms on Starship Excelsior and Leviathan on Darker Projects: The Byron Chronicles, Bane also stars as the Doctor in Doctor Who - Alternate Empire, a premier fan scifi web series on YouTube.