• Once part of the great Kingdom of Gale, Galgrus, the western land is home to sprawling plains and grassy hills. The Knights of Galgrus possess the ability to heal many ailments by absorbing the negative energy at very little cost to their own health. This technique known simply as cleanse, helped Galgrus persevere in the Gale Civil War.

    Galgrus is home to sprawling plains and grassy hills. There are small towns and villages spanning the entire realm while still remaining secluded and quaint. In Gale there is a constant breeze that travels the length of the realm providing a freshness to the air that can not easily be described. A great valley of wind funnels can be viewed from afar and considered the essential sight to see upon visiting. Galgrus also prides itself on education specifically for medical sciences. Though it is only certain Thalgale Knights that have the ability to heal through cleanse, the society as a whole are well versed in medicine.