• Far north of Galgrus lies Gadanin. The kingdom of natural science where nature is paramount to the understandings of the world. Through years of study, the Knights of Gadanin have developed an ability to converse with nature and to inhabit the minds of its animals. True to their oath to protect and be one with the natural world, the kingdom of Gadanin is its everlasting forests. They are a minimalist society where knowledge of the land is unmatched

    Gadanin was formed when a group of people from what is now modern day Thalgale, refused to take part in the Gale Civil War. Though they began and remain significantly smaller than the other realms, Gadanin has grown larger than their founders ever intended. A true neutral party in regards to matters of Andranth, Gadanin lends aid to all the realms in specific ways. They are the chief producers of herbs and plants, expert surveyors, and ambassadors in a limited sense to the animal kingdom.