• Once part of the great Kingdom of Gale, Thalgale lies in a coastal region that is in the northeast of Andranth and stretches from the eastern shore to the west mountain ranges of Tanadam. The Knights of Thalgale are keepers of an ancient ability to move in and out of shadows during the night. This special technique known as shadow jumping was the deciding factor for Thalgales defense in the Gale Civil War.

    The realm of Thalgale is a land full of commerce and is also known as the great coastal city. There are many canals spread throughout Thalgale allowing large ships to pass through regularly. the towns and boroughs of Thalgale span from the coast all the way up a tall cliff that lines the ocean 50 feet above sea level. Near the highest point of Thalgale at the edge of the cliff stands the Gale Lighthouse that was built in the old days and can be seen from most other realms in the distance.

    There is a small municipality governed by the Twist Islands that was gifted by Thalgale as a gesture of thanks for the heroics of Lady Angelica Sylvi. It is located near the lower shore line and is used strictly for trade and commerce.